Benefits of using rainwater for your garden

using rain water

Whether you take pride in your fresh tomatoes, beautiful exotic flower gardens, or a combination of the two, those of you with a green thumb should always be on the lookout for helpful tips on how to maintain your garden. We all know there’s no better source of life for a garden than Mother Nature, herself. So being able to utilize what she gives us is key to a healthy garden.

There are several different benefits of using rainwater for your garden, here are some of the top reasons.

Good insurance in case of a drought

We all know the two essential components for a healthy garden: water and sunlight. Unfortunately we cannot always control how much of either we get, and if you ask any Californian in the past year they’ll certainly tell you that droughts are no joke.

One way to protect yourself and your garden from suffering during a drought is to have some rainwater stored for such an occasion. While it may not be enough to fully nourish your crops throughout the duration of the drought, it might just be the difference between a healthy garden and a dead one.

Reduces Water Bills

Another key benefit of using fresh rainwater is quite simple. The more free rainwater you use, the less money you spend on water you would otherwise be paying for. That is why many people say that installing a rainwater system in your home is a system that pays for itself. So if you’re the type that uses a lot of water to maintain your beautiful garden, there’s no reason not to save a few bucks while you do it!

Reduces Demand on Groundwater

With the ever-increasing population, the demand on water is in a continuous state of growth. Due to this, certain areas are forced to extract ground water in order to fulfill the demand. Over time this can leave areas in a state of water scarcity. By using rainwater for your garden you are not only benefiting yourself, but also your community by supplementing your water use with a free and environmentally friendly source.

Can be used for other purposes

Sure the inspiration for getting a rainwater system installed in your house might be garden inspired, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it on other things. Other than the obvious use of watering your blossoming sunflowers, you can always use the water to wash off your muddy Jeep, or mop the dirty kitchen floor. Just another way to help yourself and the environment at the same time.

How to….

Ok, ok. I understand that there are tons of benefits to harvesting rainwater, but how do I go about doing it?

Great question! And the answer might be simpler than you think!

First of all, you have to identify a collection area. Essentially that is any area that falling rain doesn’t soak into the ground (ex. gutters / roofs).

Then you need to add a downspout that transports the rainwater into your barrels or other form of rainwater container. Have a look at this page for some barrel types and descriptions:

The number of barrels you have is dependent on how much rainwater you plan on harvesting, but once you have the barrels you can install a spigot into the bottom and just like that you have your own rainwater harvesting system! Check out this video for a visual explanation of using a rainwater harvesting system:

While this is one of the more basic ways to go about doing it, it is certainly effective. And if your in need of a massive quantity of rainwater or an irrigation system, there are many options for how to do those as well.

But regardless of the complexity of your rainwater system, the numerous amounts of benefits cannot be denied! For more information, visit: