Organic Cleaning Products vs Regular Cleaning Products


Out of all the research done about environmentally friendly cleaning products versus regular cleaning products, most sources agree that there are few differences in the quality of cleaning you will get, but there are immense differences in how you get the job done and how safe the products are for use!

Traditional chemical cleaning products have been shown time and time again to possess chemicals which are unsafe and potentially hazardous to your health with continuous exposure of a regular cleaning routine. So, can green cleaning really make a big enough impact to matter?



  1. The Term “Green” Does Not Mean Anything Unless Certified

Many cleaning products may be labeled as “green” or “eco friendly”, but because of a lack of regulation in the cleaning products industry these terms means nothing unless they are independently certified by institutions such as the DfE, Green Seal, and EcoLogo.

  1. Eco Friendly Cleaners Work Just as Well as Regular Cleaning Products

In simple comparison tests, many of the best green cleaning products on the market cleaned just as well as the leading brands. Don’t buy into the thought that green cleaners will not give your home the best look it can possibly have!

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  1. Green Cleaning Products Are Less Harmful to Humans as Well as Environmentally Friendly

It’s a well known fact that chemicals used in many household cleaning products are simply unsafe for humans and have negative effects on the environment in general. Why are we still using them? Mostly from the force of habit! Grab a certified green cleaning product as see for yourself how well they work on your home; you can clean with the knowledge that you’re not harming your body or the world at large in the same way as before.

  1. Many Chemicals are Unregulated – Natural Ingredients are FAR Safer

If you’re one of the people asking why so many unsafe chemicals are allowed to be used in cleaning products, the answer is that the industry itself is not well regulated. Some of the chemicals in these products may have completely unknown effects due to lack of research, while others have known negative effects but they are allowed to be used anyway! Chemical companies are not required to label their products with all of the ingredients used inside. Making your own homemade cleaning products or using green products with labels is much safer for your health, as you can control what’s being used and what is left out.

  1. Natural Cleaning Might Take a Little More Effort

While natural cleaning products can clean just as well as regular products, it’s true that you might have to work a little more to get the same shine in some areas. While bleach is a very harmful ingredient, it can get the cleaning done with less elbow grease. However, green cleaning products are quickly advancing to become just as efficient as household cleaners.

  1. Baking Soda and Vinegar: The Only Cleaners You Need!

If there’s one thing you can do to quickly cut out all the harmful chemicals from your home cleaning routine, you can cut out all cleaners except for baking soda and vinegar. Believe it or not, you can get all of your cleaning done effectively with just these two natural ingredients! Vinegar has acidic properties that help to remove stains, break down dirt, and kill germs while baking soda has odor removal properties and many other bacteria fighting advantages. Mix the two or use them separately for different jobs and see for yourself how well these two natural ingredients can work together!

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Ultimately, the decision to go green in your cleaning has to come from you. It’s a great decision to make that might help you to stay healthy for the years to come without sacrificing your clean home. In addition, you’ll be doing a small part to help solve environmental issues around the world!