Top 5 Great Outdoor Activities for Families


Getting outdoors can be a great way to bring your family closer together and get some exercise at the same time. Hanging out in nature helps to improve your health and reduce stress levels, making your quality of life much better overall.


What could be better than experiencing all of these benefits with your family? Here we have listed some of the best ways to get outdoors with your family. Almost anyone can get out and do these activities with little or no planning and very little money!


  1. Camping

Taking a camping trip doesn’t always have to involve camping out in the wilderness without a reasonable kitchen or bathroom. If you want to get out into the woods or go to some place that is new or different for your family you can go with the traditional tent camping or you can look for cheap rental cabins. These are usually found in state parks and will have a bathroom facility nearby. You can also find cheap or free camping sites for tent camping at many state parks.

For a simpler camping trip that won’t take you fully away from the comforts of home, you can set up your tent in the yard. Bring a collection of pillows and blankets out to the tent after dinner and enjoy each other’s company by flashlights or lantern light. If you need anything or have to use the restroom, your home is right within reach!

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  1. Kite Flying

Kids of all ages love to watch kites fly, and anyone can enjoy the art of flying a kite in the right conditions. You can get a cheap kite at many different department stores or supermarkets around you and have it ready to fly within just a few minutes. Find a wide open space and let your kits loose!

If your kids are a little older, you can let them fly their own kits. Smaller kids will just enjoy watching you fly your kite instead or helping when they can. You might look for a kite festival in your area during warmer months, as this will give your family the opportunity to see all kinds of incredible and detailed kites flown by very experienced fliers.

  1. Plant a Garden

You can do this activity in your own yard, your porch, or even a community garden plot if there are any available near you. Gardening has a number of benefits for your family. For one, it will help to teach your kids about responsibility. They will have to take time to keep proper care of the plants by watering daily, pruning leaves, weeding, and doing other basic garden maintenance. Gardening helps your kids to feel good about themselves as they make accomplishments in the garden and reach milestones, especially once the plants are fully grown and blooming or producing food!

The other benefit you get from gardening is the opportunity to eat fresh, home grown vegetables. If you plant some simple and easy to grow vegetables like tomatoes, carrots, peppers, squash, and other simple veggies you will have a great supply of fresh food once the garden reaches harvest time. You and your family can pick fresh foods each morning and use them throughout the day on your table.

  1. Geo-caching

A modern form of treasure hunting, geo-caching is a worldwide activity that revolves around searching for something that was left behind by someone else in any random public area. You can find the GPS location of the object along with a clue about where exactly to find the object or what the object is online on a geo-caching website.

Check out the geo-caching locations near you and see if you can figure out the clues to find the object. Usually the object will be a box or container of some sort with a paper list inside for you to sign your name on and the date that you found it. Some containers have little trinkets inside left by others that have found it in the past. You can bring some very small items along with you to leave in the boxes as well, and make sure to keep a pen to sign your family name on the list!

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  1. Walking

Taking a walk is healthy for you in many different ways. You can improve your physical health by being active for at least 30 minutes per day. A walk around the neighborhood, local park, a hiking trail, or otherwise is a perfect way to get some physical activity in your day. You can also help to relieve a lot of stress by taking a walk. Simply being close to nature, breathing fresh air, and enjoying the company of those with you will keep your mind and body more relaxed and stress free.

Your family can find a lot of unity and fun in a simple walk as well. It’s not all about the physical and mental benefits, there are many different relationship benefits to be found from walking together. When you’re walking, there is little to distract you from each other’s company and from having conversations with one another. Without technology stealing your attention or all the various distractions of home, you can get the chance to actually talk for a few minutes as you walk.


Take your favorite idea from this list and make a point to get out and do something outdoors this weekend with your family. Even if the weather it’s great, you can do something simple like take a walk in any conditions as long as you have the right equipment (umbrellas, caps, coats, etc.)!