How to Convert a Garage Into a Man Cave

Relatively new in terms of label but not concept, a “man cave” is a place for men to hang out, relax, and store their stuff.Convert a Garage Into a Man Cave Different from a garage or workshop, a man cave isn’t a place of work or requirement. If you’re looking to designate some personal space, or aiming to craft your own manly retreat, we’ve got you covered. Here are all the details on how to convert a garage into a man cave.

Ditch the clutter

Our garages are often home to a plethora of stuff-both frequently used and rarely touched. From tools and sports equipment, to storage boxes and extra refrigerators, a garage is already brimming with clutter. Before you can convert this messy room into a relaxing lounge, you need to clean up and organize. Start by designating new homes for things based on categories. Maybe move all sports equipment to a new location inside the house–just make sure your throw out or donate what you don’t actually use, first. Then create an area in the garage for tools and maintenance items.

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Give it a wash

If you’ve been storing your car in your garage, chances are you have oil drops and tire debris covering your garage floor. Before this room can become a place of comfort, it needs to be thoroughly cleaned. Even if you’re a man immune to grease smells and rodents, you won’t get the same level of enjoyment from a man cave that still reeks of its previous use. Thoroughly clean the floor, corners, and walls of the garage so that it resembles an inhabitable room and not an old storage unit.

Add some comfy seating and a big screen TV

This is up to your personal preference, be it an old recliner or a plush leather couch. Just make sure that the seating option is one tailored to your individual needs. And don’t worry about accommodating others…a man cave is all about the single man. The second is obvious, because no man cave would be complete without a big screen to watch the game on.

Relive your glory days

A man cave should be a symbol of the man’s interests and passions, so be sure to include those posters from your college days and memorabilia from your favorite sports teams. This will likely be the only room in the house that allows you full design control, so take advantage!

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