5 Simple Kitchen Remodels

The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in your home and you have to pay special attention to its remodeling to make it work for you. Contrary to some beliefs, kitchen remodeling does not always have to an expensive and lengthy affair you can always do some rearranging to make you kitchen have a new look. Here are some simple kitchen remodels


Light up the kitchen

It’s amazing what the right lighting can do to a room. Add some lighting fixtures to your kitchen and you will see the transformation. Since the kitchen requires enough light to for you to carry out you cooking and cleaning duties do not forget to install enough lighting in specific areas of the room.

Optimum storage

You have utensils, groceries and other small appliances, while at the same time you need space to chop and dice. Invest in cabinets that will give you room to work in comfort. Install wall cabinets with enough room and if possible your island can have drawers too.

Create enough space to move

You are always busy in the kitchen moving this or that, serving someone or just plain cleaning. You may need appliances and furniture but make sure that it is proportionate to the space in the room. Do not fill your kitchen to the point that you cannot move comfortably around.


Kitchen appliances are integral in the kitchen setting. Look for good quality appliances that will last and serve the purpose they are intended to serve. If you buy too many they will eat up space and probably collect dust.


A fresh coat of paint will give the room a bright new look. It is not expensive and you can experiment with colors according to your personal taste and comfort.