Gutter Maintenance Insights


A well-functioning roof gutter can allow water to move freely away from your structure and protect your house from further damage. Most homeowners often neglect to check and make routine maintenance to their roof gutters. A damaged roof gutter will fail to allow water to drain back under your roof down to the soil next to the foundation. Note that you can avoid this unnecessary water damage by getting a little bit serious with your gutters.

Regardless of the gutter material, you must take care of your gutters

Materials such as aluminum, steel, and vinyl are used to make roof gutters. Old houses will have original style gutter system which maybe of wood and galvanized downspouts where water flows in a controlled system. Either way they all require maintenance. Failure to inspect and clean gutters can lead to gutter clogging resulting into unnecessary damage to your house foundation and basement as well.

Nothing is complicated when it comes to gutter maintenance

Gutter maintenance is simple. You need to ensure that the gutters are free from debris like dry leaves, sticks, and pine cones. Usually it is recommended that you clean your gutter after a storm or a foul weather. Check for clogs in the downspouts as well. Though a leaf guard may came in handy it is advisable to constantly. Use a water hose to wash out loose debris from the gutter making sure that the water flows to the downspouts to avoid backing up.

Ensure that the gutters are held tight against the house. Usually screws tend to pull away from the wood while ageing. This will call for roof repairs when the roof rots and gets damaged. Check that the hungers are tightened and secure. Gutters that are made up of plastic and vinyl get damaged after exposure to the elements after sometime and will need to be replaced. Wood gutters need painting due to exposure. Holes should be filled or patched with good material, and the downspouts must be well supported.

In order to avoid major problems and unnecessary expenses, it is better that you make periodical checks on the whole roofing system to ensure that they function as required. If you aren’t sure of what to do in terms of cleaning your gutters, hire a professional gutter cleaner to inspect, clean, and repair your gutters.