Easy Home Improvements to Save on Heating Costs

Ways to Reduce Home Heating Costs With Home Improvements This Winter

home heating costs

Each winter, residents who live in a cold climate spend hundreds of dollars to heat the home. But many residents spend more money on home heating fuel than they really should.

There’s simple measures that every homeowner can take to save on home heating costs during the cold winter months, including sealing drafts, keeping storm windows closed, removing air conditioners and installing weatherstripping in windows and doors. But in addition to this, there are several simple and inexpensive home improvement projects that will help residents to save money on home heating bills for years to come.

Reduce Home Heating Fuel Consumption and Spend Less to Heat Your Home

In addition to using common sense and maintaining home heating systems to avoid costly chimney fires and oil burner or furnace break-downs, homeowners can also try the following tips to save money by reducing the costs of home heating oil, natural gas, propane, wood or wood pellets, and other home heating fuels.

programmable thermostat

  • Install a programmable thermostat.
  • Program the thermostat to decrease the home’s temperature by a few degrees at night and during the day while the residents are at school or at work.
  • Avoid dramatic thermostat changes – it costs less to keep a home at a near-constant temperature. Heating systems will burn more oil, natural gas or other fuels to “catch up” when the thermostat temperature fluctuates by more than a few degrees. Homeowners will spend more on home heating costs if the thermostat setting varies by more than five degrees when it’s turned down at night or while at work.
  • If using a wood burning stove, build a wood shed and stock firewood during the entire year by collecting firewood from the town dump, from downed trees or ask a tree removal company for dibs on some of their wood for use as firewood.
  • If you have a fireplace or wood burning stove, use it in conjunction with the home’s oil burner, furnace or other home heating system. Especially if you’ve been collecting free firewood throughout the year.
  • Insulate a home’s attic and the insulate the ceiling of the basement to help keep warm air in and cold air out of the home’s living areas. When replacing sheet rock on the walls, install insulation if insulation is not present (which is the case in many older homes.)
  • Install caulking around drafty window frames (and use a feather to find small window drafts).
  • Install storm windows and storm doors to prevent drafts and to better insulate the home.

Even with these heating cost saving tips for the home, many residents will struggle to pay for heating oil, propane and other home heating methods this winter. For these homeowners, research home heating assistance programs that are offered to eligible residents in many states and provinces.