Best Home Improvement Tools for Father’s Day

home improvement tools

Choose Woodworking Jigs, Digital Multimeters, Pressure Washers

The only real question is which tools to gift him with. But don’t worry, there’s a never-ending stream of standard and specialty items. Is he a woodworker? The choice is limited only by budgetary considerations.

Does he spend a lot of time doing electrical repairs like installing ceiling fans, replacing light switches, or even installing solar panels to reduce dependence on the power grid? No problem finding something in this category as well.

Handy Woodworking Tools

Carpentry is not just an engaging hobby; in today’s world of cookie-cutter particle board furniture making, custom pieces are one of the only ways to be assured of quality hardwood and craftsmanship.

kreg k4 pocket hole jig

Consider the Kreg K4 Pocket Hole Jig. This woodworking joinery jig, combined with a corded or cordless drill allows for pocket joints (angled and “blind”) that works so well for cabinet-making as well as furniture construction and repair. This handy tool will only set back the pocketbook at about $99.00.

Smaller wood shops, such as those located in the garage or basement are generally limited in their size. Because of this, care must be taken when selecting power tools. A good strategy is to focus on purchasing benchtop power tools. Consider a benchtop table saw or a benchtop drill press or scroll saw. An outlay of around $200 is not unusual for a brand name like Ryobi, Jet, Delta, or DeWalt.

Focus on Safety with Electrical Tools

Safety is a prime consideration when working with electricity around the home. This means buying high-quality tools. No workshop should be without an analog or digital multimeter for troubleshooting appliances or electrical circuits.

fluke digital multimeter

It’s a good idea to go with a quality manufacturer like Fluke or Greenlee. Don’t trust the cheap no-name imports.

How about a non-contact voltage detector? An excellent quality model can be had for under $20 and makes it a breeze to check for energized wires and circuits without actually touching them. This is just the thing for finding short circuits and it fits in the shirt pocket like a pen.

Cleaning Up with a Pressure Washer

pressure washer

Pressure washers come in handy periodically for jobs like cleaning vinyl siding, refinishing decks, degreasing driveways, and making concrete patios and sidewalks sparkle like new. Most homeowners simply rent one when needed, but owning one can be more economical in the long run. It’s also a great way to pick up some extra money doing odd jobs around the neighborhood. Think dad might like one?