Using Google Documents for Home Organization



Keeping life in order is a challenge. Bills, to-do lists, and getting everyone’s calendars straight all compete for attention and stuff inevitably falls through the cracks. Fortunately, with a bit of computer savvy, there are ways to get on top of the heap of “things to do” when it comes to making household life a bit less chaotic.

With every Google email account (Gmail), a user has access to a nifty feature called Google Docs. (To obtain a free Gmail account, visit Google Docs is an online hub where a user can create all sorts of documents, from word processing to spreadsheets to visual presentations. To get to Google Docs, simply click “Documents” at the top of the Gmail inbox page.

A user can either create their own document, or search through hundreds of other already prepared documents to find one that fills a need. Here are a few suggestions for how Google Docs can help with home organization by keeping things on track and in one place:


Keep track of household spending with a spreadsheet. Budgets can look at the big picture (for example, monthly or annual spending), or they can be used for specific things like groceries, family vacations or event planning. Either create a new budget spreadsheet (click on “Create New”) or search through already created budget templates by clicking “Browse Template Gallery”. Using a budget spreadsheet template is a great way to learn how to budget.


Keep tabs on groceries, to-do lists or goals for the household with Google Documents. Create a new list, or search the template gallery for cool tracking spreadsheets. Simply type in “Groceries” or “To Do” into the search box to see what pops up. Browse the template gallery to get more ideas on how to organize list items.

Chore Charts

Don’t let the chores fall all to one person – print out a chore chart to keep things fair and easily trackable. Create a new document, or alter an already-made template. Type “Chore” into the search box for access to templates for tracking household chores.


Sick of the overflowing folder of clippings and recipe cards? Take a few moments each day to transfer favorite recipes to a Google Document. Either create a new document or search the template gallery for recipe card forms by typing “Recipe” into the search box.

These are just a few starter ideas for how Google Docs can help to organize home life. Spend some time searching the different categories in the template gallery to get more ideas on how Google Docs can help with organizing around the house.

The great thing about all of these documents is that they are all stored conveniently in one place. Open Gmail, click on Documents, and all of the saved word processing, spreadsheets, forms and other documents are right there. Budgets, lists, recipes, family Christmas letters and so on – all in one place.